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1. Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter.
2. Name 5 songs you love starting with that letter.

glastocharm gave me D

1. Death Breath - Bring Me The Horizon
2. Double Dare Ya - Bikini Kill
3. Dignity - Bullet For My Valentine
4. Depressionista - Every Time I Die
5. Disengage The Simulator - CKY


Vx musings.

Just needed somewhere to keep track of my research into LA stuff.

Don't want to be the annoying vegan freak on holiday, so I'm investigating food options. Ideally want places that cater to both omnis & vegans, so as not to be a pain!  Found a great but huuuuge list of places that serve vegan food on quarrygirl.com, so I'm slowly making my way through that & narrowing it down.

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For Cass!

Day 05 - A song that reminds of you of somewhere

This song will always remind me of the 6th form common room at school - whenever my friends & I found it empty on our free periods, we'd put on the most metal cd we could find in order to scare away the chavs. & Stacey, the hugest CoF fan ever, always insisted we put "Gilded Cunt " on repeat! The looks of disgust it was met with were priceless!

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Day 04 -A song that reminds you of someone

Well, I still don't class it as a Hole song, personally & I dislike the video.
But this is Marco's favourite Hole song, & he bought the cd single of it for me, so it'll always remind me of him. & it kinda relates to our situation.

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Day 03 - A song that makes you sad

One of my absolute favourite songs by The Smiths ♥  I love, love, LOVE Jeff Buckley's cover too, but the original is best.  It makes me think a lot, particularly in my current situation.

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Day 02 - A song that makes you happy

This song is fucking EPIC! It's from my favourite film ever, Detroit Metal City, & I just love it!!

Here is the trailer for the movie:

It was only released in Japan, but I haz a copy if anyone wants to see it  ^___^
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Day 01 - Your favourite song

It's almost impossible, since I have about 5, but it's between these two fuckers:

Tornado (the demo version, it's so much better than the original)


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BBC Book List

Apparently the BBC reckons most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here.

1) Look at the list and put an 'x' after those you have read.
2) Tally your total at the bottom.
3) Put a note with your total in the subject.

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Wants 'n' shit

Just posting pretty things that I want, so I remember where they are...

Navy bow dress

Drop waist lace dress

Heart embroidered cardigan

Cream button bib blouse